Revision Project Reports

Revision project reports and other information is available for download from this site.


ARR Supporting documents

Project 1: IFD and climate change Discussion Paper on an Interim Guideline for Considering Climate Change in Rainfall and Runoff

Project 2: Spatial Patterns of Rainfall

Project 3: Temporal Patterns of Rainfall

Project 4: Continuous Rainfall Sequences at a point

Project 5: Regional Flood Methods

Project 6: Loss Models for Catchment Simulation

Project 7: Baseflow for Catchment Simulation

Project 8 and 12:

Project 10: Safety Criteria for people

Project 11: Blockage of Hydraulic Structures 

Project 13: Urban Rational Developments

Project 15: Two Dimensional Simulations in Urban and Rural Areas

Project 18: Interaction of Coastal Processes and Severe Weather Events

Project 20: Risk Assessment and Design Life

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