ARR Guidelines

ARR 2019 consists of:

  • The Guideline
  • Software
  • Data

The ARR Guideline

The ARR Guideline is available at the moment in three formats:

Epub is an open e-book format that can be read through many devices. You can access epub documents through iPads and Kindles as well as on your PC with an epub reader. There are many free epub readers that are available for download (one such is Calibre available for download here).

Detailed reports for the ARR revision projects are available for interested users.


Organisations have produced enabling software to support the guidelines. These software applications are listed for your reference. Geoscience Australia does not endorse, recommend or provide support for this material.


ARR consists of different data to enable and support the guidelines. These can be downloaded or sourced here:

The ARR Data Hub is not maintained by Geoscience Australia, all queries should be directed to