Revision Projects

There have been significant technological advances in many areas of rainfall runoff assessment since the 1987 update. As such, 21 revision projects were designed as part of the ARR 2016 Update with the aim of filling knowledge gaps.

The outcomes of the projects assisted the ARR editorial team to compile, write and edit chapters of the ARR Guideline. Additional projects were added for testing of the design methods and the document publishing.

Steering and Technical Committees have been established to assist the ARR editorial team in guiding the projects to achieve desired outcomes.

Revision project reports and other information is available for download from this site.


ARR Supporting documents

Project 1: IFD and climate change Discussion Paper on an Interim Guideline for Considering Climate Change in Rainfall and Runoff

Project 2: Spatial Patterns of Rainfall

Project 3: Temporal Patterns of Rainfall

Project 4: Continuous Rainfall Sequences at a point

Project 5: Regional Flood Methods

Project 6: Loss Models for Catchment Simulation

Project 7: Baseflow for Catchment Simulation

Project 8 and 12:

Project 10: Safety Criteria for people

Project 11: Blockage of Hydraulic Structures 

Project 13: Urban Rational Developments

Project 15: Two Dimensional Simulations in Urban and Rural Areas

Project 18: Interaction of Coastal Processes and Severe Weather Events

Project 20: Risk Assessment and Design Life

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