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Geoscience Australia and the National Committee for Water Engineering is not in a position to respond to enquiries that relate to the application of the models or methods described in the Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) guidelines, extract data from the ARR Data Hub or undertake any analysis of ARR data products for other purposes.

If you need advice on the application of models or methods, you should refer your question to the next available training on the Australian Rainfall and Runoff guidelines. Training will be advertised through the eNews.

If you need support for further analysis on the ARR data products, you should seek advice from a relevant consultant or data analyst.

The ARR team have been working hard on finalising the ARR guidelines since they were released in 2016. The team has received a lot of feedback from industry and practitioners, ranging from substantial feedback to minor typographical errors. Much of this feedback has now been addressed. Where a decision has been made not to address the feedback, advice has been provided as to why this was the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain a pdf version of the ARR guidelines?

While a PDF of the document has been produced we recommend use of the web-based version. This is available to allow any changes to be incorporated easily as they occur.

Can I obtain shapefiles of the temporal pattern zones?

No. However the online data hub samples the relevant zone automatically. Please visit

Can I obtain any of the ARR data for a region rather than a point?

Yes. There is an option for the user to supply a shapefile that will then extract the selected data in that area. Please visit

For enquiries that are beyond what is described above, please use the form below to send an email enquiry.

If you have additional information or wish to attach a document, please email