Project 21

IT Delivery and Communications Strategy

An important component of the revision of Australian Rainfall and Runoff is the dissemination of information contained within the document. Previous editions including the current edition have been based on printed documents with, for example, relevant spatial information necessary for development of IFD relationships presented in the form of maps. While this approach has served the industry needs for many years, recent developments in information technology enables new and more efficient approaches for dissemination of the information contained within Australian Rainfall and Runoff.

An example of an approach for dissemination of the information within Australian Rainfall and Runoff is the use of a web-based GIS for distribution of IFD relationships. Use of this approach would increase the reliability of information extraction from Australian Rainfall and Runoff: a review of current problems with IFD relationships presented in the current edition of Australian Rainfall and Runoff indicated that a significant source of error arose from the need to interpolate between rainfall intensity contours so that the rainfall intensities for the standard durations and ARIs could be determined as part of the development of the IFD relationships. For the revision to Australian Rainfall and Runoff, it is proposed that dissemination of the IFD relationships would be via a web-based GIS system that enabled users to download a complete IFD relationship for the location of interest.

In a similar manner, the information necessary for estimation of the flood flow using a regional flood method should be amenable to dissemination through a web-based GIS system. The exact form of this system, however, cannot be defined until further development of the regional flood methodology through Project 5 is achieved.